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[[As they continue their discussion of Trudy's "dream" that shows how "Nega-Nick" escaped the "Negaverse", Trudy relates to Nick, Fooker, Ki, and Sharon some of the strange "visions" she's seen over the years that have made her question her sanity. As Trudy narrates, we see several flashbacks to earlier strips.]]
Trudy: For years, I've had this sensation like someone's been watching me. After the Empress contacted me from that alternate future, I always assumed it had to be her.
[[We see an image of Trudy in shock as she listens over the phone as Empress Trudy relays instructions to her from the future.]]

Trudy: Then when I was on the run after New York, I saw her, as well as the time-traveling kid. They were fighting across the street from me, but they were not alone.
[[We see Trudy sitting alone in a restaurant, tears flowing down her cheeks, while across the street, Todd and Empress Trudy appear to be facing off, hand-to-hand.]]

Trudy: There was another man there, dressed like a bizarre jester, complete with the goofy hat with bells on. He seemed to be talking to the boy, helping him, I think.
[[We see Todd, standing in the driving rain, talking to the Gamester, who is semi-transparent.]]

Trudy: But that wasn't the only time I saw him. He was in the "Negaverse" too, along with another strange being. They were fighting, even as we fought the aliens around them.
[[We flash back to "Nega-Nick's" throne room in the "Negaverse", where Trudy watches in surprise as the Gamester and Pandemonium face off, invisible to everyone but her.]]

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