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[[Nick, Trudy, Sharon, Ki, and Fooker continue their discussion surrounding Trudy's mysterious "dream" about "Nega-Nick". After Trudy describes her past encounters with the Gamester, Ki seems somewhat disturbed.]]
Ki: [Uncertain] A... jester's cap, you said...?
Trudy: [Grimly] Yes. He also had red eyes and this huge, improbable chin. Trust me, you'd never forget him if you ever saw him.

[[Ki lowers her head, as if struggling to remember something she can't recall. Fooker, however, charges the conversation forward.]]
Fooker: [Suspicious] So you think this "jester" is the one helping "Nega-Nick"?
Trudy: Actually, no. Believe it or not, I think he's on OUR side. I think the other one was helping him.

Sharon: What makes you say that?
Trudy: For one, the time-traveling kid was working with him. Given how hard he tried to stop the Empress, I'd say that makes him a good guy.

Trudy: [Turning to Nick] but there was something he said about second chances. he may have been saying it to the other one, but the way he looked at me, I could have sworn it was directed at me...
[[Nick intently listens to Trudy's explanation.]]

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