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[[Nick, Trudy, Sharon, Ki, and Fooker continue their discussion surrounding Trudy's mysterious "dream" about "Nega-Nick". Nick intently absorbs Trudy's revelation about the Gamester and Pandemonium, both of whom Trudy briefly saw in the "Negaverse".]]
Nick: [Deep in thought] So this "jester" looked at you, and you think he was addressing you?
Trudy: Yes, and that wasn't the first time. He glanced at me the other time too, and seemed annoyed that I saw him.

Fooker: [Suspicious] Ya know, a lot was going on in that throne room, but I don't recall seeing any Jay Leno circus rejects.
Trudy: I think I was the only one who could see him. Even "Alt-Trudy" didn't.

Trudy: [Turning back to Nick] I KNOW it sounds crazy. Even I've questioned my sanity over it. But there was no way the Empress could have done what she did without help. If "Nega-Nick" had help as well...

Nick: At this point, I think it would be wise not to discount ANY theories. After all, we ARE currently on an alien spaceship and looking for a missing planet. "Crazy" is relative.

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