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[[The meeting appears to conclude as Nick walks out of the doorway with Ki falling in behind.]]
Nick: Don't forget the principle of innocent until proven guilty.
Fooker: [Folding his arms, unamused] Ya know, I don't recall anyone explicitly applying that rule to outer space refugees...

[[As Fooker also turns to leave, Sharon catches Trudy for a brief sister-to-sister discussion.]]
Sharon: [Concerned] This "link" with "Nega-Nick"... I never realized it bothered you this much...
Trudy: It's OK. I don't "hear" him that often. This is the first time he's invaded my thoughts for a while.

Sharon: [With a hopeful smile] I don't really understand everything you're going through, but if you need to talk about it...
Trudy: [Darkly] Sharon, I don't know how to explain it to myself, let alone someone else.

Sharon: [Feeling helpless] I'm your sister. I just want to help.
Trudy: [With a sad smile] I... I know. For now, I think the biggest help I could use is a few hours alone to sift through my thoughts.

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