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[[Trudy wanders aimlessly through the halls of the Grey ship, lost in thought after the previous meeting. Behind her, random Greys buzz about at various tasks.]]

[[Trudy enters an observation lounge area with large, round windows showing the vastness of space outside. Curled up in one of the window sills is Patty, who has drawn up her knees to her chest, hugging them tightly. She stares into the void outside. Trudy seems surprised to find her here.]]

[[Trudy approaches Patty, who at first appears to ignore her.]]
Trudy: [Annoyed] THERE you are. Everyone's been looking for you, especially after you bailed on that mission a couple days ago. I had to take your place.

[[Patty turns, acknowledging Trudy's presence.]]
Patty: Yeah, I heard something about that. Sorry. Sounds like it was unBEARable.
Trudy: Well, I'm still a bit GRIZZLY with you. No pic-a-nic baskets for a week.

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