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[[Trudy has found Patty sitting in a window sill in an observation lounge aboard the Grey ship. Patty sits with her knees drawn up to her chest, hugging them tightly. Trudy is annoyed with Patty for "bailing" on the previous search mission, in which Trudy took her place and the "away team" was stranded in another universe for a while.]]
Patty: [Annoyed] You got something to say, Niemand?
Trudy: [Putting her hands on her hips] Just that you need to pull you own weight. I'm not covering for you the next time you decide to skip class.

Patty: [Turning to Trudy] Where are we, high school? I didn't ASK you to fill in. Besides, something... came up. I just needed a little time to sort it out.
Trudy: So everything's "sorted" then?

Patty: [Looking away] Not... exactly.
Trudy: This wouldn't have anything to do with the planetoid Smith orbiting around Marshall down in the cafeteria, does it?

[[Patty scowls, grinding her teeth as she tightens her grip on her knees.]]
Trudy: I'll take that as a "yes".

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