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[[Trudy has just confronted Patty concerning her missing the last "away mission". During this conversation, Trudy has deduced that Patty has been upset because Dexter and Trish have "hooked up", leaving Patty once again alone.]]
Patty: [Climbing back into the window sill] I'm not having this discussion with you.
Trudy: Fine. I didn't want to have it anyway. So long as it doesn't interfere with our missions, you can pout all you want.

Patty: [Turning to look back out the window] I'll be there for the next one. Dex and Trish won't be there anyway.
Trudy: [Turning to look the opposite direction] I know. You and I are supposed to--

[[Trudy cuts herself off as she spies Victor Brown skulking about on the far side of the room, passing through on his way to somewhere else.]]

[[Patty is annoyed that Trudy trailed off and didn't finish her sentence.]]
Patty: Supposed to what?
Trudy: [Narrowing her eyes] If we're lucky? Catch a sneak in the act.

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