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[[Trudy and Patty hide around the corner of an intersection of hallways. On the other side, Victor Brown is seen walking into the background, apparently oblivious to being followed. Patty and Trudy begin a whispered conversation.]]
Patty: Who's that?
Trudy: Victor Brown. The guy who heckled Nick during the first all-hands meeting.

Patty: Yeah, I remember him. Charming fellow. Why are we tailing him?
Trudy: Because he's acting suspicious, and I think he's up to something no good.

Patty: From what I hear, you're an expert on that sort of thing.
Trudy: We think he sabotaged Nick's power source and nearly stranded us in that other universe.

Patty: I'm guessing there's no proof of his involvement then.
Trudy: None. But maybe you and I can catch him in the act before he does something worse.

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