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[[Trudy and Patty continued to follow Victor Brown has he wanders suspiciously throughout the Grey ship. As he stops to peek around one corner, Trudy and Patty peer around the next corner behind him.]]
Trudy: [Whispering] Where is he off to? I'm not familiar with this part of the ship.
Patty: [Whispering] He's sticking to the outer rim, or close to it. That's all I know.

[[As Brown steps through a circular doorway in the background, he lifts his wrist to check his watch.]]
Trudy: He keeps looking at his watch...
Patty: Maybe he's trying to break his all time sneaking record.

Trudy: [Turning to Patty, annoyed] Could you be serious for just one lousy minute? He could be plotting something dangerous!
Patty: He might NOT be plotting something. Did you think of THAT, Nancy Drew?

[[Brown stops and begins messing with a control panel on a wall.]]
Patty: I mean, really. What EXACTLY has he done since we started tailing him that's the least bit suspicious?
Trudy: [Watching Brown, surprised] How about messing with that airlock?

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