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[[Trudy and Patty have followed Victor Brown as he has sneaked around the Grey ship, finally stopping at what Trudy has identified as an airlock along the outer wall. Brown appears to be operating the controls as the girls observe from around the corner.]]
Patty: [Whispering] An airlock? Are you sure?
Trudy: Fairly. I've seen Greys so in and out those doors before when they make external repairs.

[[We focus on Brown as the inner door of the airlock slides upward.]]
Trudy: [Off-panel] He's opened the inside door.
Patty: [Off-panel] Something tells me he's not stepping out for a breath of fresh air...

[[We focus back to the two women.]]
Trudy: [Surprised] If he opens the outside door, we'll be sucked out into space!
Patty: Blown, and he can't. I've heard both airlock doors can't be opened at the same time. It's a safety feature.

[[Brown steps away from the door, hiding behind another corner but still visible to Trudy and Patty.]]
Trudy: NOW what is he doing? It looks like he's waiting for something.
Patty: Or someONE. OK, THIS is definitely suspicious. We need to notify security.

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