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[[Trudy and Patty continue to spy on Victor Brown. Finally convinced that Brown might be up to something, Patty has just suggested that notify ship's security.]]
Trudy: [Whispering] YOU go notify security. I'm not letting that snake out of my sight.
Patty: [Whispering] Fine. What corridor is this? That might be useful information to have...

[[Both turn to look at a display panel on a nearby wall. Along with the illegible alien script are the sequences "F6L24" and "15:12".]]
Trudy: F6L24. Wait... is that the time?
Patty: Yeah, a little after three o'clock.

[[Trudy quickly grows concerned.]]
Trudy: It might be purely coincidental, but... you saw how he kept checking his watch...?
Patty: Yeah... why is THAT significant?

Trudy: Because Nick's gotten into the habit of taking a stroll around the ship to collect his thoughts, and he usually starts around three o'clock...
[[Patty's eyes grow wide with surprise.]]

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