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[[Trudy and Patty lurk just out of sight as Victor Brown, who is off-panel, appears to be lying in wait not far from an airlock he's just opened. The two women have put two and two together, and don't like the sum they've arrived at.]]
Patty: [Whispering] You're not seriously suggesting Brown would shove Nick out an airlock, are you?
Trudy: [Whispering] He threatened to. You heard him. You were there.

Patty: Yeah, and it sounded like a sarcastic, empty threat to me. Trust me, I KNOW sarcasm.
Trudy: Yeah, you're the queen of it. But are you willing to bet Nick's life on that?

Patty: I'm pretty sure Fooker and Dex swore they wouldn't let that happen.
Trudy: And where are they? Smith's swapping saliva with Marshall. I'll bet Fooker and Sharon are at it too.

Trudy: They can't be with Nick 24/7. Besides, Brown's been pretty quiet until recently. We've all become negligent about him.
Patty: [Looking over her shoulder] Speaking of negligence... where'd Brown go...?

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