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[[As Trudy tackles Victor Brown and the pair tumble to the floor, Patty rushes to the airlock where Nick is currently trapped.]]

[[Patty approaches the airlock door. Nick is waiting at the porthole on the other side.]]
Patty: How do I get this open?
Nick: Type in the following code exactly...

[[Brown lies prone on his back and begins propping himself up on his elbows. Trudy slowly rises to her hands and knees.]]
Brown: [Scowling] What the #%@#! Stay out of this, %&*@#! This doesn't concern you!

[[Trudy raises herself up on her knees, looming over the prone Brown.]]
Trudy: [Scowling] If you're going to #%@# with Nick, this %&*@# has something to say about it!
[[She balls up her fist and pulls back to punch him.]]

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