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[[Trudy straddles the prone Victor Brown and proceeds to pummel him with her bare fists. In the foreground, Patty has freed Nick from the airlock.]]
Nick: [To Patty] Call security! I'll help Trudy!
Patty: No! You get out of here!

Patty: [Concerned] Look, he's after you, not us. Just get yourself safe and call for help. Ki will skin us alive otherwise.
[[Nick appears torn, but reluctantly sees Patty's point.]]

[[Patty blocks Nick's way, forcing him to retreat. Meanwhile, Brown turns the tide on Trudy, punching her, then pulling up one of his legs to get in a kick.]]

[[Brown kicks Trudy in the stomach, sending her flying backward. She impacts with the open door frame of the airlock.]]

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