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[[The airlock outer door opens. As the air inside rushes out of the ship, Trudy is picked up and blown off her feet.]]

[[Trudy shoots out of the airlock, and we see her tumble helplessly as she rockets away from the exterior of the Grey ship into the vacuum of space.]]
Trudy: [Thinking to herself] Exhale. Don't hold your breath. Otherwise, your lungs will pop like a balloon.

[[Trudy continues to tumble further and further into the empty void.]]
Trudy: [Thinking] So cold... so unbelievably cold... your designer jumpsuit isn't cut out for absolute zero...

[[Trudy closes her eyes and seems to accept her fate.]]
Trudy: [Thinking] How long do I have? Minutes? Seconds? Not long enough, I'm sure. But if Nick is safe, then maybe... maybe that will make everything worth it...

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