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[[The first panel is completely dark. Very faintly at the bottom, a blurry bit of text is visible.]]
Voice: [Faintly] She's coming around...

[[The second panel lightens, but everything remains fuzzy.]]
Voice: [Weakly] Where...?
[[We can just make out Doctor Melanie Granger and her Grey "nurse", Avogadro, standing over the viewer. The Grey holds a scanning device in his hand, which whirs softly.]]
Granger: [Smiling] Take it easy. Don't try to move. You're in Sick Bay.

[[The blurriness vanishes, and we pull back to find Trudy alive and lying on a bed in the ship's infirmary. Granger and Avogadro stand over her.]]
Granger: [Apologetically] You're my first official victim of deep space exposure. Fortunately, Avogadro is here to make up for my lack of experience.
Trudy: [Weakly] Nick... is he...?

[[Trudy turns her head, and we look over her shoulder to find Nick and Patty standing nearby. Patty has a deep bruise on her cheek.]]
Nick: I'm fine. We beamed you back aboard less than a minute after the door opened.
Patty: I'm fine too, thanks for asking.

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