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[[Trudy lies in her bed in the ship's sick bay with Nick and Patty standing at her bedside. In the background, Doctor Granger steps aside to perform some other task.]]
Trudy: [Weakly] Brown...
Nick: He's currently down in the brig, in the cell next to your mom. Fooker's keeping an eye on him.

Nick: [Annoyed] He claims he never intended to "space" me, that he only wanted to frighten me. When you and Patty showed up, things "got out of hand".
Trudy: [Narrowing her eyes] That's... reassuring...

Nick: [Gratefully] You... didn't have to do that, Trudy. Putting yourself at risk to save me...
Trudy: [With a weak smile] Consider it... repayment of an... old debt. To make up for... past sins...

Trudy: [Turning to Patty] And thank you... for trying to... save me...
Patty: [Mildly embarrassed] Uh, no problem. Although from here on out, I'm leaving the heroics to you people. I'm not cut out for it.

References: The brig
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