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[[As Trudy lies recovering in her bed in the ship's sick bay, Dr. Granger updates Nick and Patty on her status.]]
Granger: Avogadro thinks she'll make a full recovery, but I want to keep her here for a few days for observation.
Trudy: [Weakly] No... argument... here...

[[Granger turns to leave, motioning for Patty to come with her.]]
Granger: [To Patty] As for you, let's take a look at that bruise before it gets any worse.
Patty: [To Granger] Sure, Doc. [To Trudy] Take it easy, Niemand.

[[Now alone, Nick turns to Trudy.]]
Nick: [Meekly] I'm... not sure what to say...
Trudy: [Smiling] "Thank you"... works... might be... harder for Ki... to say... I think...

[[Nick leans over her and takes her hand.]]
Nick: Thank you, Trudy. I'm not sure where this puts us, but at least it's a step in the right direction.
Trudy: [Smiling] OK...

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