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[[The scene shifts to the ship's brig. Victor Brown sits in a cell behind a transparent force field. On the other side, Fooker stands with his hands folded across his chest.]]
Fooker: You'll get three squares a day, plus access to the entertainment holovids. Not exactly the comforts of home...
Brown: I TOLD you, I wasn't really going to kill him.

Fooker: Tell that to the woman you DID try to kill.
Brown: It was self-defense! She attacked me first! Besides, I thought YOU didn't like her...

Fooker: [Narrowing his eyes] My opinions of Trudy are irrelevant. What's important is that Nick's our best chance of ever getting home, and your closed mindedness nearly ruined that possibility.

[[Fooker turns and begins walking away.]]
Brown: I ain't falling for every rejected "Star Trek" plot hook that fool tries to sell.
Fooker: [Over his shoulder] Don't knock what you don't understand, Brown. If you'd seen HALF of what I have...

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