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[[Victor Brown sits in his cell in the ship's brig. As Fooker walks away, Brown hears a voice come from behind him.]]
Voice: It sounds like you've also run afoul of Wellington's graces, my friend...
Brown: What the $%&@... Who's there?

[[Brown turns to find the strange voice coming from a ventilation grate in the cell wall.]]
Voice: Just a fellow prisoner like you, another silenced dissenting voice...
Brown: Hold on... you're that army guy he says sold us out to the slimy aliens, aren't you...?

[[Our view switches to the other side of the wall. Colonel Lionel Barker leans against the wall next to a similar ventilation grate.]]
Barker: So now you're going to start believing Wellington's lies? Whatever truths you find convenient, I suppose...
Brown: [Through grate] I never said that. You got a better story?

[[We now see a cross-section of the wall, with Brown on the left and Barker on the right. Barker wears a smirk, while Brown listens intently.]]
Barker: My friend, I think we have a great many things to talk about...

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