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[[Socrates sits perched on a table top, perusing a data tablet. Planck walks into the room carrying a large box. On the side of the box is some alien writing, along with an added label that reads "No humans!"]]
Planck: Hey, Socrates... you're not particularly busy at the moment, are you...?
Socrates: Not really, Planck. Just double checking some data for Nick.

[[Planck sets down the box. It appears to be filled with small glowing cubes.]]
Planck: The Great Skaboola asked me to review some of these old data cubes of research logs. He wants me to categorize what we need to keep and what can be safely deleted.

Planck: [Picking up a cube and examining it] Most of these have already been uploaded to the master mainframe on the home world, so we purge them every now and then to free up needed space. But I could use some help.

Socrates: I thought those data cubes held a ridiculous amount of storage...
Planck: [Annoyed] They do, which is why I'm convinced this is just busy work to keep me out of his cranial follicles.

References: Data cubes
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