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[[Planck and Socrates rifle through the box of Grey data cubes, examining several of them.]]
Socrates: So what kind of research are on these?
Planck: Just old specimen data from the last few giga-ganadans. Mostly human experimentation logs and such.

Planck: I think that, as Nick's experiments continue, the Skaboola doesn't want him running into these in his hunt for more storage. That might be a little embarrassing.

Socrates: I'd be less worried about Nick and more worried about some of the others. Not everyone likes the idea of their species being used as guinea pigs in alien experiments.

Planck: [Angrily, waving his arms emphatically] Tell me about it! You give a guy an anal probe one time and they'll never shut up about it! It's not like I enjoyed it or anything...
Socrates: [Dumbstruck] Uh...

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