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[[Planck and Socrates rifle through the box of Grey data cubes, examining several of them.]]
Socrates: Most of these data cubes bear similar markings.
Planck: Oh, that's because they're all from the same test subject. The differences are timestamps.

Planck: We kept some subjects longer than others because their data was so useful. We held onto them for weeks or even months at a time, then wiped their memories before returning them.

Planck: [Smiling as he examines a particular cube] This guy was particularly interesting! Good ol' subject XB3-239! Boy, did we get a lot of data out of him! We did everything conceivable to him! Why, he just kept on...

[[Planck's face falls as realization starts to sink in.]]
Planck: Wait a minute... XB3-239... That was Fooker...

References: "XB3-239"
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