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[[Planck and Socrates continue their discussion of the Grey data cubes, especially after Planck's realization that they all contain data collected from the time when Fooker was first abducted by the Greys.]]
Socrates: I thought Fred said Fooker was kicked out of your experiments as a reject...
Planck: He was... sort of. What REALLY happened is kind of... complicated.

Planck: We captured Fooker late on a Friday and returned him the following Sunday. We successfully wiped most of his memories, so he thought he was only gone for a few minutes.

Planck: So we ran a full battery of tests on him. He just doesn't remember it. It was when he stole a few of our diagnostic tools that Pi flipped out and dumped him as a reject.

Socrates: That seems harsh...
Planck: [Annoyed] He stole Pi's isolinear quadrostatic subspace manipulator. Pi has an... unnatural attachment to it...

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