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[[Planck gets defensive after revealing to Socrates that the experiments the Greys performed on Fooker may have included removing and reattaching his limbs.]]
Planck: Look, I wasn't cloned yesterday. I know how to do my job. We put Fooker back the way he was before we returned him.
Socrates: I guess he didn't seem to notice anyway...

[[Socrates sits next to the box of data cubes containing Fooker's experimental data.]]
Socrates: Still, these are filled with sensitive, private data for a person you've come to know as a friend. Don't you fell a responsibility to dispose of them discreetly?

Planck: Yeah, I guess. I suppose he wouldn't be very happy to find out we have these. Even if it's all been copied to the home world, I'd hate for him to discover they still exist here.

Planck: [Perking up] So... you wanna see what's on them first?

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