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[[Planck steps over to an alien device, carrying one of the data cubes with him. Meanwhile, Socrates waits back on the table behind him.]]
Socrates: I can't believe I let you talk me into this...
Planck: Relax, Socrates! It'll be fun! I'll just show you some of the highlights! It won't take long!

[[Planck places the data cube into the device. It begins to whir and emit a soft light.]]
Planck: This holographic projector will play back the logs. It's just like watching human home movies, only in three dimensions! I can even turn on the olfactory settings if you want!

[[Planck walks back to the table where Socrates is perched.]]
Socrates: I think I'll pass...
Planck: I started with the part right after we beamed him up. He should be coming to any second now...

[[There is a blood-curdling scream, presumably from Fooker in the video.]]
Fooker: AAAAAAH!
Planck: The screaming usually only lasts a few minutes, but for some reason Pi took a while to apply the anesthetic...

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