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[[Planck and Socrates begin watching the holographic logs of Fooker's first alien abduction. We cannot see what they see, so we can only see their reactions. Socrates is perched on a table, while Planck sits next to him.]]
Socrates: That's just... wrong...
Planck: [In mild awe] Humans are such a dichotomy. In some ways, they seem so fragile, while in others they're surprisingly resilient.

Socrates: I didn't know the human optic nerve was so... stretchy...
Planck: [Smiling] You should see how long his small intestine is! It took FOREVER just to put it all back in there!

Socrates: What's that shiny thing next to his right kidney...?
Planck: [Calmly surprised] Huh... I always wondered where that caliper went. Oops...

Socrates: OK, I've seen enough. You better turn this off before someone sees us...
[[Just then, Dexter walks past the open doorway behind them.]]
Dexter: Hey, guys! What are you doing?

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