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[[Dexter has walked in on Planck and Socrates reviewing the old holographic logs of the Greys' prior experiments on Fooker, some of which have been quite... graphic.]]
Dexter: [Eyes boggling] What the heck are you two watching?
Planck: [Smiling] It's a log of the experiments we ran on Fooker when we first abducted him years ago.

Dexter: Does... does he know you have this...?
Socrates: No. Planck's about to erase it, but he wanted to watch it one more time first.
Planck: Come join us!

Dexter: [Indignant] What? NO! That's not only painful and embarrassing, but private as well! I respect Fooker too much to watch this! As his friend, it would be inappropriate to...

Dexter: [Distracted by something in the video] Does... a human bladder really... BOUNCE like that...?
Planck: [With a wry smile] Only if you blow it up full of air first...

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