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[[Nick walks down the hall, perusing a data tablet, as he overhears Dexter and Planck discussing the holographic logs of the Greys' early experiments on Fooker.]]
Dexter: So is that Fooker's cerebellum?
Planck: Actually, I think you humans call it the medulla oblongata...
[[Nick's curiosity is piqued.]]

[[Nick walks into the room, only to be shocked by what he sees. His entrance surprises Dex, Planck, and Socrates.]]
Nick: What in the blazes are you three doing?
Dexter: Um, we're watching Planck's old holovids of the Greys' early experiments on Fooker...

[[Nick folds his arms across his chest and gives them a severe, scolding look.]]
Nick: I'm ashamed of you, Planck. Not only for retaining this data, even after Fooker became your friend, but for digging it up now. I have only one thing to say to you...

[[Nick's curiosity gets the better of him.]]
Nick: How did you disassemble him like that without spraying blood everywhere...?
Planck: [Cheerfully] It's a variation on our inertial variance gun! It's actually quite handy in this situation...
[[Dex and Socrates exchange a look.]]

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