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[[Ki and Sharon walk down one of the hallways aboard the Grey ship.]]
Sharon: So how did you appointment with Dr. Granger go?
Ki: [Placing her hand on her stomach] "We" are doing just fine. The morning sickness is finally starting to ease off.

Sharon: [Slyly] I was going to mention that it looks like you're finally starting to "show".
Ki: [Disappointed] Hrm... I THOUGHT my jumpsuit was starting to feel tight. Guess we'll have to adjust it.

Sharon: [Looking off to the side] Are you still worried about raising a child on an alien ship?
Ki: Well, I'm hoping we can find the Earth before then, but at this rate, I'm not sure that's going to happen...

[[The two walk past the doorway where Dexter, Nick, Planck, and Socrates are are all watching the holographic record of Fooker's early alien abduction. As the boys stare at the images off-panel, Dex seems to express mild surprise, while Nick scrutinizes the image carefully. Planck seems bewildered.]]
Dexter: [Pointing off-panel] Hey, I didn't know he had a birthmark on his--
[[Just then, from the hallway, Sharon recognizes the image.]]
Sharon: [Shocked] FOOKER?!?

References: Ki's pregnancy
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