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[[Sharon and Ki have just walked in on Nick, Dexter, Planck, and Socrates watching the holographic record of Fooker's early abduction and dissection by the Greys. Needless to say, Sharon is shocked.]]
Sharon: [Shouting] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?
Nick: [Calmly scrutinizing the off-panel imagery] It's archival footage of Fooker's first abduction by the Greys.
Planck: [Apologetically] I was about to delete it...

Sharon: [Livid] I-I can't believe you people! Sitting here, watching my husband being dissected like a high school biology experiment! What's WRONG with you?!?
[[Ki gets her first good look at the footage (which is still unseen by us). Her eyes bug out in horror.]]

[[The boys all seem nonchalant about the issue.]]
Dexter: [Apologetically] It's... kinda like a train wreck. You WANT to look away, but...
Nick: [Casually] Actually, from a purely scientific aspect, it's quite enlightening...
Socrates: Did you know he has a third nipple...?

Sharon: [Genuinely surprised and curious] Wait... that bump on his chest is... a third NIPPLE...?
[[Ki turns her head out the door, grabs the door frame, and begins to dry heave.]]
Ki: HURK! I-I gotta go...

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