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[[Planck, Socrates, Dexter, Nick, and Sharon continue to watch the old Grey logs of Fooker's first alien abduction and dissection. Nick appears to be carefully scrutinizing the screen, while Planck watches passively.]]
Sharon: [Mildly confused] I can't believe you collected this much scientific data just about Fooker's spleen...
Dexter: [Looking at his watch] And I can't believe we've wasted a full hour watching it all...

Nick: Planck, I think we've seen enough. It would be in everyone's best interests if you proceed with the deletion now.
Planck: [Resigned] Yeah, I guess you're right...
Dexter: [Disappointed] Aw...

[[Planck steps over to the holographic projector.]]
Planck: I can see how he might perceive this as a violation of his privacy. It was one thing when he was just Test Subject XB3-239, but now that I've come to know him...

[[Just then, Fooker walks through the doorway, startling everyone.]]
Fooker: Hey, gang. Anybody know why Ki was running like mad to the restroom? And what the heck are you all watching?

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