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[[Fooker has just walked in on Planck, Socrates, Dexter, Nick, and Sharon all watching the old Grey logs of his past alien abductions (and dissection). The catch is that he doesn't quite know this fact yet. The others appear surprised and embarrassed to be caught in the act. Fooker folds his arms across his chest and raises a quizzical eyebrow.]]
Fooker: OK, you guys all look so sheepish, you're about to start bleating. Anyone care to explain themselves?

Planck: [Apologetically] It's my fault. The Skaboola asked me to clean off these old data cubes when we found out they still contained logs of the first time we abducted you.

Socrates: We're ALL at fault to some extent. Curiosity got the better of us...
NicK: And each of us got caught up in the moment.

[[Realization begins to dawn at Fooker as he stares at the holographic record floating off-panel. His eyes grow huge.]]
Fooker: Hold on... so that shriveled up mass right there is... MY liver...?
Sharon: [Placing a hand on his shoulder] Honey, maybe you should tell Doctor Granger about your old drinking habit...

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