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[[Now that Fooker has discovered that the others have been watching the logs of his first abduction (and dissection) by the Greys, he doesn't seem very happy about it. Planck, Socrates, Dexter, Nick, and Sharon all appear sheepish and apologetic as Fooker folds his arms across his chest angrily.]]
Fooker: I'm ashamed of you. ALL of you. Did ANY of you stop to think whether or not I'd actually be OK with this...?

[[We zoom in on Planck as he stands next to the holo-projector, hanging his head in shame.]]
Planck: In the others' defense, they all tried to warn me it was wrong. So I'll take the blame. I'm the one who wanted to relive the past. I'm sorry, Fooker.

[[We zoom back out as Planck turns to deactivate the device. Fooker retains his grim stance, while the others watch with disappointment.]]
Planck: I promise to delete these right away, and no one will ever see them again.

[[The view is mostly the same, although Fooker's expression relaxes somewhat and he moves his hands to his hips.]]
Fooker: Well, don't shut it off NOW. I want to see what happens next...
[[Everyone turns to Fooker in disbelief. Planck hazards a weak smile.]]

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