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[[Patty walks down a hallway on the Grey ship on her way to the MUTEX chamber when she is intercepted by Chris, the woman who previously joined her, Trish, and Dexter on a search mission to find the missing Earth.]]
Chris: Morning, Patty! Looks like we're teaming up again on another mission!
Patty: Oh, hey, Chris.

Chris: [Slyly] So... how are things going with you and Dexter? Did you finally tell him how you feel about him...?
Patty: [Suddenly growing annoyed] Don't go there. I'm starting to LIKE you. Don't make me change that.

Chris: [Disappointed] What happened? I was hoping I encouraged you to...
Patty: [Scowling] I TOLD you, it's complicated. Even more so now that... oh, never mind. I don't have to explain it to YOU.

Chris: [Realization dawning] Oh. So THAT'S why I saw Dex and Trish hanging out together. I guess things didn't work out, did they...?
Patty: [Storming off] I SAID, don't go there.

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