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[[Patty and Chris approach the MUTEX chamber, where Sharon seems to be waiting for them inside. Chris has just asked Patty how her relationship with Dexter is going, only to be briskly brushed off.]]
Chris: [Disappointed] I'm only trying to help. If you need someone to talk to...
Patty: I don't need a shoulder to cry on, Chris. Just... drop it already, OK?

[[The two enter the MUTEX room. Sharon turns to greet them, extending her hand to shake Chris'.]]
Sharon: Morning, ladies! It's Chris, right? I'm--
Chris: Sharon Murphy! Or is it Barker? Sorry if I got it wrong. You're Fooker's wife, and part of Nick's "inner circle"!

Sharon: Um, yes, I guess. Don't worry about the last name. I don't think Fooker and I have figured it out yet. At any rate, I've heard a lot about you. I'm glad you're on the team.

[[Our view pulls back as Sharon gestures toward the doorway.]]
Sharon: I'm in charge today and it's my first time, so bear with me. Trudy's still recovering, so we're just waiting for her replacement... ah, here she is!
[[The others turn as another person enters the room in the foreground, although we cannot see her face. We can only see that she has long black hair. Sharon and Chris smile as she approaches, while Patty scowls.]]
Patty: [Thinking] Crap...

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