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[[As Trish walks into the MUTEX chamber, Sharon and Chris greet her warmly. Patty, on the other hand, bristles.]]
Chris: Trish! I was hoping we'd get to work together again soon!
Trish: H-hi, C-Chris! L-long t-time no s-see! Th-this sh-should be f-fun!

Chris: [Nervous] Um, before you get TOO excited...
Trish: [Spotting Patty and growing concerned] Oh! P-P-Patty! I-I d-didn't kn-know Y-YOU w-were...
Patty: YOU'RE Trudy's replacement? This day just keeps getting better...

Sharon: [Sternly] Is there a problem, Patty? We don't have time to rearrange the mission roster...
Patty: Oh, everything's FINE. Just PEACHY. Just another day at the flippin' office...

Sharon: [Walking away with authority] Good. Because we've got a good dozen universes to check out today, and I need you all on your best behavior...
Patty: [Shouting] I SAID I'M FINE!
[[Trish and Chris are obviously uncomfortable with Patty's temper tantrum.]]

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