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[[As Chris passes out MUTEX headsets to Patty and Trish, Sharon approaches the control panel, which Pi is currently manning.]]
Pi: Coordinates set for the first universe...
Sharon: Thanks, Pi. Give us a moment and we'll be all set up.

[[Chris picks up her own helmet and steps in between Trish and Patty.]]
Chris: Just a suggestion, but maybe I should stand here between you two...
Trish: G-gladly...
Patty: [Angrily donning her helmet] Whatever.

[[The other women stand motionless with their helmets on. Sharon steps next to them and lifts her helmet to put it on as well.]]
Pi: Nick said he thought this one shows real promise. A lot of the variables seem to align.
Sharon: Excellent! Cross your fingers, everyone!
[[The MUTEX's characteristic "ZWORM" sound is heard.]]

[[Patty finds herself standing in what appears to be a rather typical office. There appears to be a desk and a free-standing copier, as well as a bookshelf. On the wall is a motivational poster with the word "SUCCESS" written on it. Patty looks around suspiciously. She is no longer dressed in her jumpsuit, but in a button-up collared shirt and a light jacket.]]
Patty: That was... anticlimactic...

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