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[[Patty has materialized in a new universe, one that, at first blush, appears somewhat familiar. She stands in an office space with a desk and a free-standing printer/copier. There is a bookcase along the back wall, as well as a motivational poster with the word "SUCCESS" written on it. She looks down and examines herself. She is no longer wearing her Grey-issued jumpsuit, but a business casual collared shirt, a light jacket, and jeans.]]
Patty: [Thinking] Two arms, two legs, no gills, fins, or tails... Heck, these are even normal-looking clothes. MY clothes, to be exact. From my closet back home...

[[She turns to examine the room.]]
Patty: [Thinking] And I recognize this room! It's the printer room at GPF! It even has one of Dwayne's stupid motivational posters on the wall...

Patty: [Thinking] But where are the others? They're bound to be here somewhere. We've always landed together before...
[[A voice from off-panel calls for her attention.]]
Voice: Patty? Is everything all right?

[[Patty turns and is shocked to find a familiar face...]]
Patty: D-DWAYNE?!?
Dwayne: [Giving her a suspicious smile] Yes...? Did you forget where you work for a moment...?

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