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[[Patty has just realized that she's materialized in the GPF Software offices and has run into Dwayne. Needless to say, she's ecstatic about being "home", although Dwayne appears amused by her enthusiasm...]]
Patty: [Excitedly] Dwayne! I-it's you! I'm back!
Dwayne: [Checking his watch] You're back? Where did you go? It isn't lunch time yet.

Patty: [Smiling broadly] Wh-what? No! I-I mean, you're HERE! A-and I'M here! We're TOGETHER, in the same time and place!
Dwayne: [Bemused] Yeeesss... that IS what I pay you to do most days, come in to work...

[[Just then, Scott turns the corner and begins addressing Dwayne.]]
Scott: Lord Duncan, I hath completed yon compilation and disseminated ye binaries to their distant server shores... [He spies Patty] Ah, good morrow, Patricia!

[[To both Scott and Dwayne's surprise, Patty immediately embraces Scott.]]
Patty: Scott! For once in my life, I'm ACTUALLY happy to see you!
Scott: [Terrified] Verily, she frighteneth me more like this than when she waxeth wrathful...
[[Dwayne seems oddly amused by Patty's reaction.]]

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