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[[Patty releases the still shocked Scott and turns back to Dwayne.]]
Patty: Look, um, I know I'm acting weird, but I'll explain it all later. Have either of you seen Sharon or Trish? There ought to be a blond girl with them.

Dwayne: [Looking at his watch] Not today, although they should be here by now. If they're bringing in a customer, make sure she signs in at the visitor desk.

[[Patty turns to walk hurriedly away, but Scott calls after her.]]
Scott: Timothy wisheth to speak to thee about the Flutterman account...
Patty: [Looking over her shoulder] Right, I'll, uh, check in with him in just a moment.

Patty: [Smiling as she thinks to herself] I can't believe it! We found Earth! It's the real deal! This ALMOST makes up for Dex and Trish ruining my last hope for a meaningful relationship!

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