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[[Patty turns a corner to find Sharon and Trish standing together. Both of them are dressed in normal clothing, rather than their Grey-provided jumpsuits.]]
Sharon: [Spotting Patty] There she is! Where were you? And where's Chris?
Patty: Girls, we're back! This is it! Our Earth! I just talked to Dwayne and Scott!

Trish: Y-you d-did? W-what about C-Chris?
Patty: No clue. We all got separated somehow, but we'll find her. After all, we're home!

[[Sharon and Trish don't seen to share Patty's enthusiasm.]]
Sharon: [Apologetically] Patty, we're not home. This isn't our Earth.
Patty: [Slightly annoyed] What the heck are you talking about?
Trish: [Pointing off-panel] Um, l-look over th-there...

[[Our view switches to back the way Patty came. To everyone's surprise, Ki walks by, again wearing normal clothing.]]
Trish: If th-this i-is our Earth, wh-why is th-there a K-Ki already here...?

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