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[[Patty's excitement over returning home is dashed when Ki walks by, making it obvious that the Earth they've landed on isn't their home universe.]]
Patty: You mean... this ISN'T our Earth...?
Sharon: Apparently not. It was close enough for Nick to think it was "promising", but something doesn't fit.

Patty: [Annoyed, and possibly unconvinced] Well, what does the scanner have to say?
Sharon: [Pulling out Nick's scanning device] That's part of the problem. The scanner seems to be just as confused as we are.

[[The three women huddle around the device.]]
Patty: That little light looks green to ME...
Sharon: It's more... yellow than green? Maybe chartreuse?
Trish: I-I'd c-call it a l-lime or p-pear...

[[To their surprise, a voice startles them, drawing their attention. It's Nick... or at least this universe's version of him.]]
Nick: I'd call it a pistachio, but that might be reaching a bit. So where'd you get the cool gizmo?

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