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[[After the strange exchange between Nick and Ki, where the two could barely talk to each other out of nervous embarrassment, Sharon presses to find out what's going on...]]
Sharon: [To Ki] So... you and Nick aren't... married?
Ki: [Shocked] M-MARRIED?!? Me? To Nick? N-NO!

[[Once again, Ki seems to devolve into a shy, embarrassed state, fidgeting nervously and unable to meet any of their eyes.]]
Ki: I-I mean, I LIKE him, a-and I'd like to think he likes ME, but he's never asked me out, and I could never ask HIM out...
Patty: [Whispering conspiratorially to Trish] She's talking like a love-sick anime school girl...

[[Ki suddenly turns melodramatic, placing a hand on Sharon's shoulder while holding the back of her other hand to her forehead, as if she's about to faint.]]
Ki: I wish it were so easy for us, like it was for you and Fooker. You were so happy together... why did that have to end so tragically...?
[[As Trish watches in disbelief, Sharon looks down at Ki, uncertain of how to react.]]
Sharon: Uh...

[[Ki steps away from the group a few steps, then clasps her hands in front of her, almost has if pleading to some unseen deity for aid. Patty and Trish watch uncertainly.]]
Ki: And you and Dexter... so close, so in love... fate is fickle to young, tender hearts...
[[Both Patty and Trish seem to interpret her vague statement as referring to them...]]
Patty and Trish: [In unison] Me and... Dex...?

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