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[[As Ki maintains her melodramatic pleading pose, Patty turns and whispers conspiratorially to Sharon and Trish.]]
Patty: [Whispering] OK, so Ki's turned into a shy, blubbering anime school girl, she and Nick can barely talk to each other, and Fooker and Dex are both apparently dead. NOW can we leave?

[[To everyone's surprise, a blaring klaxxon suddenly begins to blast through the air. Ki's expression turns grim.]]
Ki: The alarm? Now, of all times? Can she NEVER give us a moment's rest?

[[Dwayne rushes into the room in a panic.]]
Dwayne: Ki! It's HER! She's back, and she's brought THEM with her!
Ki: [Scowling] Then there's no time to lose!

[[Ki begins to run out of the room, but calls back over her shoulder...]]
Ki: C'mon, girls! To the roof! The city needs us, now more than ever!
[[Sharon, Trish, and Patty exchange awkward, uncertain looks.]]
Trish: I-it d-does?

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