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[[As Ki bursts through the doorway to the stairwell and begins running up the stairs, Sharon, Patty, and Trish follow her uncertainly. Ki is so intent on reaching the rooftop that she seems oblivious to their conversation about her.]]
Sharon: What the heck is going on? And what's the deal with that crazy alarm?
Patty: No idea, but it sure lit a fire under Ki's butt.

Trish: W-we s-still haven't heard from C-Chris...
Patty: Has anyone tried to contact her via the earpieces?
Sharon: Not for several minutes. I'll try her again...

Sharon: Chris? Can you hear us? Please answer...
[[Chris' voice begins to filter through their earpieces.]]
Chris: Sharon! Thank goodness! Where are you?
Sharon: In our old office building. Where are you?

[[Our view shifts. Chris, dressed in normal clothing, appears to be standing on a busy street surrounded by a number of unidentified people. Our view appears to be from somewhere overhead, looking down as they all look up. Everyone, including Chris, appears shocked or frightened.]]
Chris: In the middle of some town I don't recognize, and you'll never believe what I'm seeing right now...

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