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[[The girls reach the roof of the GPF building. As Ki approaches the edge, Sharon, Patty, and Trish stop short as they exist the stairwell door. All look up into the sky. Ki grimaces, while the others look up in shock and horror.]]
Ki: The fiend! She actually did it!
Sharon: Holy mother of boards...

[[In a double-wide panel, we pull back and look over the women's heads to see what they see. In the distances are two giant monsters, towering above the city skyline. One appears to be vaguely reptilian, although it sports a mane of blond hair and a mangy beard. It roars menacingly. Next to it is a massive moth-like beast with furry antennae and deadly mandibles. Both sport savage claws, ready to rip the city apart.]]
Trish: W-wait... i-is th-that...?
Ki: I'm afraid it is...

[[Our view focuses back on the women.]]
Ki: [Grimly] What remains of Fooker and Dexter... transformed into the cyber monsters Fookjira and Dexsura!
[[Sharon, Trish, and Patty look at each other, completely baffled.]]
Patty: What the what...?

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