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[[Sharon, Patty, and Trish stare in stunned silence after Ki has suddenly transformed before their eyes into her "Ultra Cyber Power Warrior Ki" identity.]]
Patty: Did... did you just go through an anime magical girl transformation sequence...?
Ki: [Turning back to the group with irritation] What are you waiting for? Suit up!

Sharon: "Suit up"? What the heck are you--
[[Ki steps toward Sharon and grabs her right wrist, gesturing with her other hand toward the ring on Sharon's finger that appears to be identical to the one that was on Ki's before her transformation.]]
Ki: [Angrily] We don't have time for this! We can't fight evil if you three can't get into costume! MOVE!
[[Ki taps Sharon's ring with her finger.]]

[[There is a panel-spanning <<FWOOSH>>, then the other three women are similarly transformed into futuristic outfits. Each is slightly different, making them all unique, but they all share a similar overall theme and all are adorned with circular jewels. They take in their changed appearance with varying degrees of amusement.]]
Trish: [Excitedly] W-we're a m-magical g-girl T-TEAM!
Patty: [Somewhat annoyed] With no apparent fashion sense...
Sharon: Fooker would LOVE this... if he wasn't a rampaging monster, of course...
[[Still irritated, Ki turns to look over her shoulder, back toward the city skyline.]]
Ki: And there she is...

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