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[[As Ki turns to look up into the sky, the group's mysterious adversary finally emerges. Trudy flies into view, hovering in midair on some sort of flying disk. She is dressed in a flamboyant outfit like something a villain in a live-action Japanese superhero series might wear.]]
Trudy: The Ultra Cyber Power Warriors! So, you've decided to show your miserable faces and those ridiculous outfits!
Ki: TRUDY! You fiendish technomancer! What have you done?!

[[We close in on Trudy, who grins wickedly.]]
Trudy: What they said COULDN'T be done, what others were too AFRAID to do! I have harnessed the Ethernet to transform these hapless geeks into my mindless cyber slaves!

[[Our view returns to our heroes, looking down on them from Trudy's vantage point. Ki seems defiant, while the others seem utterly confused.]]
Ki: Vile witch! You pervert the very nature of the Web with your sorcery! We will cleanse your deviance from cyberspace and free Fooker and Dex from your clutches!

[[Sharon, Patty, and Trish exchange glances. Patty throws up her hands.]]
Patty: [Angrily] That... NONE of that even makes sense!
Trish: TH-THAT'S what you're worried about?
[[Sharon just shrugs.]]

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