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[[As our heroines face down a villainous Trudy, a new arrival appears. Behind them, a webbed foot slaps down on the rooftop.]]
Voice: Never fear, Ultra Cyber Power Warriors! For I have come to inspire you and lend you my aid!

[[Our view switches as we look over a surprised Ki's shoulder. The newcomer is none other than Nick, dressed in a giant penguin suit, with his face visible under the penguin's beak. Its cartoonish eyes over his head are obscured by a mask. Ki seems shocked to see him.]]
Ki: It's "Tux in a Mask"!
Nick: Fret not, Ultra Cyber Power Warrior Ki! The power of cyberspace is at your command!

[[The others are baffled by Nick's arrival and appearance.]]
Sharon: Is that... Nick... in a penguin suit?
Ki: What? NICK?! Don't be ridiculous! "Tux in a Mask" is a mysterious stranger who comes to our aid! No one know his true name!

[[As Ki swoons over Nick, who poses dramatically, Sharon and Patty just seem annoyed.]]
Sharon: It's NICK... in a PENGUIN SUIT.
Patty: What kind of aid does he give us? Free fish and Red Hat distro discs?

References: OK, this joke is a bit of a stretch, so for anyone who doesn't quite get it, check out these links and say "Tux in a Mask" a few times really fast...
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